Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Today is Thursday, 2morrow is Friday, the day after 2morow is Saturday..
So weird when reaching the day that i've been waiting 4. Skul holidays is really really soon.

Lots of preparation that I have 2 do b4 going home. Lots of exam papers 4 marking. Students had been asking their marks since Tuesday (the day they sat 4 the exam). So ridiculous....

2day I'm going out looking 4 wedding presents. 2night I'm going 2 mark ko-ko students' papers. 2morrow I'll mark Paper 3 Form 1 n 2. Also 2morrow I hope I'll start marking Paper 2... How about Paper 1? Marked already, analysis had been sent 2 form coordinator.

I hope I can enjoy my skul holidays s much s I want. Taking my family for a family picnic... Taking my mom for shopping and more..

While i'm writing my journal, I saw 2 of my students who are sitting 4 exam talking 2 each other. I already remind them ---> Bercakap membawa padah. So I'm taking their answers. Pity them but they should pay 4 what they've done.



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