Sunday, May 9, 2010

I went to Tunas Manja today. Just want to get a form of 'Kucing Sihat & Comel', but as usual , I went from 1 section 2 another.. Came across the mayonnaise section. I said to myself, why don't I have some sandwich 4 tomorrow's breakfast? So, planning to buy a mayonnaise n tuna spread. While trying to make the right decision, I saw Prego spaghetti sauce. Hani said that the big bottle doesn't have the 'halal' tag. I cheched the bottle n it's true, no 'halal' tag. Next to it, another spaghetti sauce, by Kimball with 'halal' tag.

Having spaghetti 4 dinner... I bought the sauce n rushed back home. Can't wait to taste it. I'm not a spaghetti lover but I'll loose nothing 4 trying.

How to prepare a delicious spaghetti?
1. Boiled the spaghetti
2. Boiled a piece of chicken
3. Put the spaghetti n chicken in the same plate
4. Spread the sauce n..
5. Ready 2 eat! =)


Happy Monday..


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